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Insulated Carrier Bags

Insulated Carrier Bags

Cool Bag Dude!

The insulated carrier bag is a stylish way to promote your business; with the added benefit of an insulating layer. The extended protection offered by the insulating layer allows your product to maintain their initial temperature for more extended periods. Especially when compared to what they would be if subjected to the ambient temperature through a standard polythene bag.

Keeping your chilled food at its best, for longer

The insulated carrier bag with clip-close handle is perfect for keeping your food products at its best for more extended periods. Our regular customers have used insulated bags for a wide variety of produce, some examples include:

  • Red Meats
  • Poultry
  • Fish
  • Dairy Product
  • Fresh Produce
  • Cooked food and ready meals

The insulated carrier bag acts just like a traditional cool bag, enabling previously chilled foods to retain their original temperature for more extended periods. The initial temperature can be extended further with the addition of an ice pack if required. The longer chilled foods can be kept from entering the temperature danger zone (15C - 50C) the better it is for your product and therefore, your customers.

Fresh Fish from S&P Fish

S&P Fish in Ilfracombe run their own fleet of trawlers and provide fish direct to the public at their harbor side shop.  The insulated bags are perfect for them to keep their high quality fish at it s best for as long as possible.   Allowing customers from far and wide to sample some of the freshest fish in the UK at its very best.

Keep it hot Hot HOT!

Just as insulated carrier bag from Thompsons Packaging will keep cold food cooler for longer periods, the same is true of hot and warm foods. Our insulated cool bags will maintain the original temperature of hot and warm foods for extended periods of time, perfect for ready meals and take-a-way foods.

Novikov Mayfair - Insulated Carrier Bags

Novikov is a high class Mayfair restaurant who make use of this classy insulated carrier bag for their patrons.

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